Lake Oconee Entertainment, Dining and Shopping Tops the Charts!

Lake Oconee entertainment, dining and shopping tops the charts in one convenient location at Lake Oconee Village. I can tell you from first hand experience that it is quite a delight to have more of these amenities available. When we first started coming here in 1980, the lake was THE only attraction. Endless, winding, curvy dirt roads  finally leading to the lake. From Stone Mountain Ga, we loaded up our truck,  the kids, the dog the cat and, of course, groceries and headed to Lake Oconee.  It was definitely a group effort getting it all together, (yea, like a team of one…me!)

So, like the Beverly Hillbillies, we “trucked on down the road”, singing, chattering and anticipating the gorgeous serenity that soon would be ours. Away from the rat race and spending quality family time together was our goal. Quickly we figured out that serenity and quietude was the name of the game. There wasn’t anything or anyone else!  Our house was the first to be constructed in our lakefront location. You could hear the tree frogs, crickets, night owls,whippoorwills, and any night critter howling at the moon. All was right with the world!

Long story short….there were no grocery stores except a little local establishment, which carried a limited supply of most utilitarian items. Of course, it was 14 miles away. In other words, you had better bring everything you could think of that you wanted to eat for the weekend. Of course there was always that all important ingredient that we forgot to bring that absolutely had to be a part of the recipe, like the milk for the homemade ice cream!! So, off to the “town” someone (me) would go.

Oh, did I forget to tell you that we didn’t have cell phones then? So, of course, the other item we forgot to bring, (like the hot dog buns), had to be forgotten or, yes you guessed it, another trip to the gro store! Now, driving 14 miles doesn’t seem like much when you come from the big city of Atlanta…except when you only have two days to spend at the lake. Then driving 28 miles round trip more than once kinda cuts into your play time.

Now we have everything we need to prepare our meals and get on with the business of having fun, right? Outside to water ski, swim, boat, and basically enjoy life. Sounds good, huh?  Yep, it was all good. But, we’re getting hungry now and it’s time to prepare the meal. Holy smokes!  Who forgot the charcoal??? Our stove hadn’t arrived yet so we cooked all our meals on the charcoal grill then. Grrrr! Nothing to do but to go out and eat.

WHAT, no restaurants??

Fast forward to Today (2011)…we have Publix and an Ingles grocery stores, we have tons of restaurant options, we have a Home Depot, we even have an 8-plex movie theatre for goodness sake!  And, we have a stove!  All is Right with the world!

Lake Oconee Entertainment

Lake Oconee Village Spotlight Theater

8-Plex Movie Theater at Lake Oconee Village. Concierge level with full bar and restaurant. Meeting facilities also available.

Lake Oconee Villages Restaurant

Lake Oconee Villages Amici’s Italian Restaurant

Amici’s offers gourmet pizza, pasta dishes, subs, salads, wings and full bar.


Lake Oconee Waterfront Restaurant and Marina

Lake Oconee Waterfront Restaurant and Marina

Lake Oconee Marina with Docks and Gas Pumps

Lake Oconee Marina with Docks and Gas Pumps

The Boat House Marina & Restaurant with boat docking and gas pump facilities. The restaurant fare is barbecue, sandwiches, and light fare.

Lake Oconee's Home Depot


Home Depot at Lake Oconee

Lake Oconee’s  Home Depot is conveniently located right off of I-20 and Exit 130.

Publix at Lake Oconee Village

Lake Oconee Village Publix

Publix located 8 miles south of I-20 and Exit 130 in the Lake Oconee Village Shopping Center, where there is also a Subway, liquor store, Post Net store, Verizon store, hair salon and nail salon.

As you can readily see, Lake Oconee’s entertainment, dining & shopping options have certainly improved from “the old days”!  I hope you will have the opportunity to come and see what Lake Oconee has to offer soon!

We have seen it all happen and know the ropes! What better way to search for Properties on Lake Oconee than with the “lake dwellers”, Pat and Ed who have lived and breathed it for 25 years!! Give Us a Call Today and get your “starter kit” for Lake Oconee!


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