Lake Oconee KISS Fishing with Grandkids

Lake Oconee Kiss Fishing with Grandkids is not about “kissing” fish! Go ahead, ask the question, “What does “KISS” mean???” KISS is an acronym for Keep It Simple Stupid! The last post I did was based around Lake Oconee fishing from your dock. A relatively simple way to get friends and family involved in the fishing experience without ever leaving your property.  However,  should you desire to get out on the lake and try some fishing from the boat this article explains one of the simplest ways to do it. We call it Lake Oconee KISS Fishing. We started doing this with our kids when they were small and now we are fishing with the Grandkids
.Lake Oconee Fishing with Grandkids

Fish ’em & Kiss ’em!

With Kids and Grandkids it is about catching fish!! That’s why we have become Lake Oconee KISS Fishing folks. It’s about feeling that line tighten up and then trying to keep that fish from shooting to the bottom that makes fishing fun. Believe me it is not about catching a “wall hanger” or the state record.  It’s about “fishing” and family fun on Lake Oconee. Kids just love action, and our Kids and Grandkids just love getting up at dawn and getting out on the lake.

Lake Oconee Grandkids KISS Fishing

 Lake Oconee Grandkids Ready to KISS Fish!

Lake Oconee has a huge Striper, White Bass and Hybrid population.  From this point on we will just call them “striped” fish as the White Bass, Striped Bass and Hybrid Bass all act the same and are very hard to tell apart. When you get into them you will be catching them all.  These are great fish to catch and a lot of fun.  They fight hard and are a challenge to get in the boat. A striped fish’s favorite food on Lake Oconee is the “shad”, a bait fish that roams the lake in schools as the striped fish do.  The striped fish search the lake endlessly to find their favorite food – “shad”.

So the first thing to find is a bait that resembles the shad.  There are all kinds that will work, but don’t forget this is the Lake Oconee KISS method of catching fish on Lake Oconee.  Think SILVER for Lake Oconee striped fish!!  Silver Crank Baits will work for KISS fishing.  There are better baits and rigs for certain conditions, but don’t forget this is Lake Oconee KISS fishing.

On this trip we used the silver shad rap with the black back and the chrome rattle trap with a blue back.  Both traditional catchers on Lake Oconee.  In fact if I had to pick one lure to use forever on Lake Oconee it would be the shad rap.  Over the years I have caught everything in the lake with it. The rest of the fishing gear is all traditional bass gear. Medium action spinning outfit or bait caster with 12 lb test will do fine.

Lake Oconee Kiss Fishing with Grandkids

Stripers & Hybrids & Bass, Oh BOY!

Lake Oconee Grandkids KISS FishingGirls Can KISS Fish Too!

Swivels are a must as Lake Oconee KISS  Fishing involves trolling to locate the fish.  I will usually throw a spinning outfit with a Flexi Spoon or silver Cast Master tied on into the boat in case “I” get a chance to fish. Throwing this lure into a school of striped fish can be some real action. When the sun is on the tree tops this method of fishng works best.

We love to fish on sunny calm mornings. Evening sunsets also work. There are probably many scientific fishing reasons why this works. But who cares… this is Lake Oconee KISS fishing and we just wanna have fun catching fish.
The striped fish on these days will tell you where to fish.  Simply looking at the water for swirls and thrashing fish will point the way. You can also watch the sky.  Our Ospreys, sometimes called fish hawks, fish for a living.  When you see them sailing over an area, that is where the fish are.  On the morning of this catch we had two Lake Oconee Ospreys fishing with us. Watching them dive and hit the water and come up with a fish is amazing in itself.
Striped fish are “schooling” fish.  Rarely will you find just one fish in a spot. They roam the lake in schools. Trolling a suspected area will help locate the school.  Once you catch a fish that spot will hold more fish. At that point you can cut the motor and cast to the spot.  Wear yourself out!  Or you can use the KISS Fishing method and troll back and forth through the spot, which is what we do most with the grandkids, (encouraging an 8 and 10 year old to throw lures around can be hazardous to an old fisherman’s health!).

Lake Oconee KISS Fishing

Grandkids Love KISS Fishing!

If you are interested in a lesson in learning more about Lake Oconee KISS Fishing or in KISS “Fishing” for Properties on Lake Oconee,  Call Pat or Ed, for a personally guided tour Today! Good Luck with Lake Oconee KISS Fishing!

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