Lake Oconee Ga Attracts Fish and Grandchildren to Its Friendly Waters!

Lake Oconee Ga attracts fish and grandchildren to its friendly waters! Every year we get to “host” our G-children for a week. It’s a very rewarding (albeit exhausting) experience on all levels. Below are thirteen reasons for grandchildren to visit Lake Oconee:

#1. Grandparents’ Hugs and TLC

Lake Oconee Granchildren Love

#2. Fishing with Grandparents (grandpa baiting hooks and untangling lines, ouch!)

Lake Oconee Life

Lake Oconee Fishing with Grandchildren

#3. Tubing, Water Skiing, Knee Boarding (til Grandparents drop!)

Lake Oconee Kneeboarding
Lake Oconee Granchildren Waterskiing Success!
Whooo Hooo, I did it!!
#4. Being without parental supervision! (Hey, what can we get away with???)
Lake Oconee Fun!
#5. Rock Jumping!

Lake Oconee Rock Jumping
#6. Exploring new territory (horses, goats, cows, turtles, frogs, hiking, rock collecting.

Lake Oconee Activities

#7. New experiences. (for, both grandchildren and grandparents!!!!).
Cleaning the boat after enjoying a long day on the lake.
Lake Oconee Granchildren Helping Clean the Boat

#8. Spending quiet time with grandparents, (???)

Lake Oconee is Relaxing for Granchildren

#9. Grandparents’ Hugs and TLC (yes, this is repeated), while waiting for 4th of July fireworks by boat.
Lake Oconee 4th of July Kiss
#10. Shopping, dining and enjoying local attractions with grandparents. (Loved the Buttermilk Pie at Yesterday’s Cafe in Greensboro)

Lake Oconee Attractions

#11. Picnics by boat (P’Nut butter/jelly sandwiches, boiled p’nuts and cookies!!).

Lake Oconee Granchildren Fun

#12. Bonfires lakeside at days end with Hot Dogs & marshmallows.

Lake Oconee Granchildren Bonfires

Lake Oconee Bonfire at Days End

#13. Relaxing on the deck lakeside after a long day on the lake, (while Grams serves snacks!!).
Playing games & watching the graceful Hummers!

Lake Oconee Granchildren Chill on the Deck

Lake Oconee Hummers

I’m sure you will agree, and as you can see, we are in love with our grandchildren who bring us great joy during their trips to visit us at beautiful Lake Oconee.

If you want to share these wonderful times with your grandchildren, give Pat or Ed a shout! We are experts at every facet of the living experience on Lake Oconee. We welcome the opportunity to introduce you to the peace and serenity of living and “playing” here. Let Us and Lake Oconee help attract fish and grandchildren for YOU!


Pat & Ed Okenica
RE/MAX at Lake Oconee
Pat: 706-817-9314 Ed: 706-817-9313

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