Discover Lake Oconee Where Georgians Enjoy Life!


When it comes to a relaxed lifestyle and recreational living, Lake Oconee has become Georgia’s property destination. Georgians have long yearned for a recreational escape located in close proximity to major cities, and Lake Oconee has certainly caught their attention.  Located just off I-20 east of  Atlanta,  1 hr west of Augusta and 45 minutes from Athens and the University of Georgia, this lake is a relaxing spot offering as much or as little activity as you wish.

Lake Oconee has been the second largest lake in the state of Georgia since its 1979 creation by the Georgia Power Company, with 19,000 acres of water and 374 miles of prime real estate shoreline. An established water level is maintained year round, which allows for stationary docks providing full-time use of the lake.

Beautiful Lake Oconee is overflowing with possibilities. You’ll discover an incredible abundance of wildlife. With the area being touted as a wildlife preserve, deer, geese, raccoons, turkey and many other animals roam about freely. It is not unusual to spot deer drinking from the clean, clear water, or to see a family of raccoons fishing or bathing in the lake. Canadian geese paddle in and out of the  fingers of Lake Oconee, and the lake is so full of fish that you can very often see them jumping out of the water.

Lake Oconee is a prime real estate location and a property owners’ lake, with protective covenants and zoning ordinances. Original planners set most of the lakefront aside for residential frame or masonry construction. As a result, each separate community will have it’s own, similarly valued properties.


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