Fishing On Lake Oconee

Lake Oconee is home to prime Georgia lakefront real estate located between Atlanta and Augusta. Lake Oconee fishing is some of the best in Georgia.  We are fortunate that when the lake was built every effort was made to protect nature and enhance the fishing experience on Lake Oconee.

Measuring The First Big Catch

It started with fishing plots and flooded standing timber. This type of structure still holds fish to this day.  Fishing plots were created by anchoring timber to the lake bottom before it was flooded providing a protected  home for the many species of fish in the lake.


Most of the fishing plots can be found on old maps but are no longer marked by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). See a boat fishing over an open area, mark the spot as they are most likely on an old fishing plot.

The second man made fish attractor for fishing on Lake Oconee is the flooded standing timber.  These are all marked for safety reasons these days and are quite obvious choices for fishing success.

You don’t have to be a pro to go fishing on Lake Oconee. Some of the most fun can be fishing from your dock.

This has always provided fun and entertainment for our family and friends when they come to visit.  The lake is full of Large Mouth Bass, Stripers, Hybrids, (a cross between stripers and white bass) Crappie and various species of Catfish.

This sport fishing population is supported by an abundant supply of shad and bream.  We have at one time or another caught all these fish from our dock.

I am quite surprised by the number of buyers we have had that are unaware of the terrific experience of fishing on Lake Oconee.

They have often asked, “how do we catch fish?”  Simple, follow these steps:

  • buy two cheap uncomplicated fishing outfits, preferably a closed face spinning outfit
  • some hooks
  • some weights
  • and a couple of bobbers

This should set you to get the catch of the day but remember you also need to get your poles ready:

  • Rig one pole with a weight and hook.

The idea here is to fish the bottom.

  • Rig the other with a hook, a split shot a foot above the hook and a bobber about 3 – 4’ above the hook.

The idea here is to fish the bait somewhere between bottom and the surface.  Bait the bobber rig with a minnow and the bottom rig with a night crawler. Cast both off your dock and wait to see what happens.

One of our clients uses this technique and catches fish all the time. When asked what they caught, they simply replied, “fish” and they had a great time doing it.

Another client tried my technique the first weekend they were on the lake.  When we visited to see how they were doing with their new purchase, they were proud to announce they “caught a big fish”.

When I asked what it was they replied they didn’t know, but they had a picture and maybe we could identify it.  Well I looked at the picture and had one comment; “It’s a lot easier to identify a fish before you cook it, not when it is pictured on a dinner platter”.  Anyway, they ate it and said “it was delicious”.

Our kids, grandkids, relatives and friends have spent hours on our dock enjoying fishing on Lake Oconee.  This is great family fun, and can be continued into the evening. Shining lights into the water around your dock will also attract more fish.

Nothing better than sitting on your dock on a comfortable summer night chatting with the crowd, your favorite beverage in one hand  and catching some fish.

Try this simple approach to fishing on Lake Oconee and if you enjoy it, then go out and get your Bass Boat to chase the big ones.  Come and have fun fishing on Lake Oconee.


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